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#299602 - Betty said, “Congratulations on becoming a woman Samantha!” Samantha said, “Thanks mom! You were right it did feel good! And he really was too excited to care about me enjoying it! I’m sure that the next time will be better!” Betty said, “I’m sure it will be too!” I said, “Hey girls I’m right here!” Samantha said, “We know and that’s right where we want to keep you too!” I reached over to stick my finger back into Betty’s pussy when she said, “No sweetie! Today is Samantha’s day! Finger her! Eat her! Hell, fuck all three of her holes! Be the first man to go where no man has gone before!” Samantha said, “Then tomorrow can be mommy’s day! She has never had a real cock in her ass! That can be yours for the taking! If you stay!” I looked at Betty, poked a finger into Samantha’s dripping pussy, and said, “I think I will stay! If it’s alright with you girls!” Samantha hit my chest and said, “I’m a woman now! Or have you forgotten so soon!” The End The Yard Sale

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Sexy ass
Love the outfit it suits you well btw great game
Athena asamiya
Full video please