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#70525 - The three of us looked down at Maria, she was still laying on the floor with her arms stretched above her head, she had her legs spread open, she looked very fuckable, she looked at us and smiled I asked the two of them if they were satisfied with her performance, they both laughed and Pavel said that for starters she hadn’t done badly, the next session though she would have to work harder. I thought for a moment and then said why didn’t they tell them, they could also tell them to phone Maria if they wanted to, I was excited by the idea of Maria being fucked by all of our friends. He asked her where she was talking from and she told him from bed, he asked her what she was wearing, she said that she was naked, this excited him even more and he said that he would like to see her naked, she had said perhaps he would tomorrow if he played his cards right.

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Asagi ayase
Blush oh stop blush ok ok go on lol thank you for watching