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#279952 - The female paramedic has sprayed antiseptic on the tender sensitive places where the line has been expertly tied! She is having a hard time getting it loose as she is afraid she might cut my wife's nipples and is even more concerned about her clitoris! She is working very carefully and cannot seem to loosen or cut the fine line off Jenny's nipples it is some sort of strong fishing line and is very difficult to cut or work loose as my young wife's clitoris has swollen up to a size that makes release even more difficult and it has turned a grotesque dark bluish purple! Jenny is now so sensitive as every attempt to remove it has failed and each time the paramedic tries Jenny has jerked in erotic pain as it is pulled or touched! The ambulance is now en route to the hospital the female paramedic has decided to leave the line attached to her nipples and clit and let the emergency room doctors deal with it! The arrival is uneventful as she is wheeled into a secure area of

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Great ass
Suzuhara lulu
She is not feifeibebe
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Saeko busujima
I love freaks like you