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#89901 - I liked the way she bent over the table to play her shots her tiny skirt riding up exposing her thong trapped between her naked bald pussy lips We played 4 about an hour her flashing and me calling her a cum dribbling slut Then right out of the blue 2 guys walked up put their coins the on table Eva and I finished our game with me winning of course, she had trouble playing trying not to bend over too much knowing her tiny thong covered pussy would be on display. As we started to leave she asked what time it was I told her it was about 5am, she turned looked at me and said, but we left home at 12pm yesterday. I shocked them both when I turned and said, yeah she’s a sexy girl but tonight she just wants to be a slut, they both laughed so I told them about us, how she just wanted to dress n act like a slut for one night.

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Santa claus
I wish i was your bf so you could do this stuff to me lol loved it thank you