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#324229 - when i got there harvey wasnt in the best of moods when i went into his room he said thanks for knocking i said do you want me to leave? harvey gave a big breath out and said im sorry babe i sat on his bed next to him took his hand and said whats up babe my dad is being a total fucking jerk. the next day i went round to harveys house to see what he wanted to do for the day. i told him im gay and im going out with a fantastic guy (i smiled at that point) but he called me a dirty fag and i wasnt his son baby im so sorry harvey hugged me and started crying into my shoulder i said hey baby dont cry he really isnt worth it if he wants to continue being a cave man let him harvey got up and said i need to talk to my dad if i have to i will lie to him and say im not really gay i stood up and stopped harvey from moving up and down his room and said babe that wont work and you shouldnt be ashamed of who you are or who your with harvey went from looking at the floor to looking

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Youre so pretty and beautiful love you
Ran mouri
Ugh i wanna
Yuuna yuuki
Amazing fuck love the sound owing to bathroom place
I m not even here because i m horny i m just sad