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#182458 - I am 5'9 with short black hair kind of like Keyshia Cole with brown eyes and a curvy body with tits the size of melons(I have to thank mom for that). I became lost in the euphoria of the kissing before I realized that I was kissing my daddy hard and passionately finally he pulled away from me and laid me down on the bed. My daddys head was kissing my thighs now until he reached my forbidden passage(good thing I shaved this morning) he parted the lips and looked at me in the eyes and told me to just relax pookie daddy won't hurt you which I knew he could never do so I opened my legs more and his tongue flicked my clit and it made me yelp and shudder.

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Cure gelato
Anyone knows the song at 2 on the street pls that was nice asf
Qin liangyu
Thank hun
Shinji matou
Good look bro