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#3788 - In they walked, two men in gleaming armour, one tall and proud, his body strong and his eyes fierce, a gleaming helmet held under one arm looking all the bit a King, his hair dark and short flecked with grey, his jaw strong with a scar running across it from an old wound, the other was younger, barely more than a boy, his armour ill-fitting and poorly maintained on an unmasculine frame, his peasant attache. Ariela addressed the older man, “Prince Belind, I presume. ” Swallowing, very carefully, he released his blade, whispering as to not flex his throat against the point of her blade, “I submit…” She nodded simply and looked up to the General, “You will carry the message back to your forces that your Prince has submitted and that they are all to lay down arms and return to their homes.

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