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#280077 - It got to the one part of the film where Tim Allen wasn’t wearing anything else but a shirt, I turned to Caz as she lay on the bed and said “I wonder if he was wearing underwear when they filmed this scene” Caz mumbled “Oh god, I hope not!” It was only then that I noticed she had unbuttoned her jeans and had them pretty much around her ankles and was fingering her pussy with one hand. Having kicked off her jeans and thong she rolled over and straddled me, she took my cock which was now only half hard and eased it into her pussy and sank all 8 inches into her as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips softly, she placed her hands on my chest and used her hands to raise her hips up and down my shaft.

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Mint adenade
The blonde is uma jolie
Nice screenplay
Looks very real i hope you will be able to make real that cuckold fantasy well done copupple