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#64685 - Emma led me through the park till we arrived to the front of a block of toilets “this is my fetish” Emma winked at me “public toilets” I said Emma went on to approach me face to face guiding her hand along my cheek and rubbing on my body “sex in public” Emma whispered in my ear leading me on into the public toilet. My father is very big in the film industry he helps with the vfx team behind several blockbuster movies so hes well of. I swabbed the head of my cock through her wet throbbing pussy lips coating my cock in her slippery wet girl cum and probed my cock at the opening to her asshole and eased my cock inside her inch by inch hearing Emma shudder as more and more of my cock packs into her tight little asshole I went a little to hard when I shove my last 2 inches inside her making Emma grunt in pain I stroked the spine of her back gently relaxing her whole body while I kept my cock inside her ass.

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