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#254800 - im so sorry harvey im really sorry i took my band off and went to hand it to harvey but he closed the door in my face. when i got to kyle house he asnwered the door and i walked in he asked if i was still into the rock band 3 days grace and i said i was so he put some of there music on and i started to relax and i started dancing kyle started dancing to and he grabbed hold of me and we started dancing together kyle was touching my front of my body 1 thing lead to another and me and kyle was kissing he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom i laid on his bed and we started kissing even more kyle started to unbutton my shirt and i let him he started undoing my pants and i said kyle stop kyle did as i asked and said is everything okay? i said no me and harvey are going though a bad time kyle said go on i said harvey thinks i care that he dont have alot of money kyle gave me and evil looking smile and said your not a match for that poor boy anyway he isnt even in your cla

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