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#395990 - Thrusting harder he pinches her nipple a bit harder, her wet ass making a slapping motion as his groin smacks continuously against her. Joe sits down in one of the chairs, Andy barely looks at him, Joe looks at him for a while “Andy we got to talk” “I know, but I don’t really have any answers for you” Joe frowns “What do you mean?” Andy turns to face him “I know that you want to talk about what I did last night” “Well yeah, I would like to know what the hell happened, sure it was interesting, but damn Andy she’s your sister and my girlfriend” Andy sighs “Well I didn’t plan it OK? I just knew that you were busy having sex so I got an idea, I never saw Maryse naked and I thought it would be a good time for it. “Hey there babes” She leans forward and rests her arms across his chest, smiling down at him “I’m glad that you like my bikini” He can feel her pressing against his growing erection and he grins “Well I think you can even make a baggy tra

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