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#89768 - . she slapped me acroos the face and said you know the trouble this would bring i replied yes she continued but in an angry tone, wat are you gonna do about it? i looked her in the eye and said,if you'll let me, i'll stick by you through it she looked at me wierdly and said,you'll do that, sure i would, but if you dont want me too, i under-, she cut me short and said, well, i dont believe you she continued, lets sleep on it and see if we feel the same way in the morning, i said no, lets talk about it now she looked at me and said talk, i continued, lets look at it on both ways, negative and positive, negative u get pregnant, positive u dont ok she replied, if u do get pregnant, i'll be there by your side and we go thru it together, you didnt do it alone, she looked at me strangely, as if to say, she cant believe wat im saying.

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Natarle badgiruel
Omg miss mini diva i love this hentai you got me so hard it hurts i can t get rid of my damn hardon you re a goddess