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#177175 - Without needing to be told I flipped around kneeling on the floor in front of him. ” This stirred the interest of the guests, emboldened by wine and the unusual familiarity of their illustrious brothel’s madam one of them dared to ask “So how did it all begin?” ______________________________________________________________________ “Where is the little slut?” That’s me, the little slut. The kitchen was far from large and most of the space was taken up by a small dining table so a little closer meant he was almost breathing down my neck “Stew,” I said, keeping my answers short “Smells good, but you know, I have had a long hard day at work,” he crooned, I knew where this was going so it was no surprise when his hands cupped my arse through my skirt “I could use a little pick me up before dinner, understand slut?” his hand slipped up under the skirt and started squeezing.

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