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#8076 - My story starts when my dad left us There was my Mum me and my sister My mum had me when she was 16 and now sshe was 28 and she was a good looking women and a size 8 when dad left she started drinking and would fall asleep on the sofa drunk Me being a 12 year old horny boy was looking at my mum in a diff way and geting feeling in my cock which i had never had before at first i just tried to get a peek down her top or up her skirt then i started going in her room and going in her draws and getting knickers out i used to wank into them it felt so good then i started wearing them to wank my younger sister was always asleep early so it was just me and mum up by about 10 at night she was out cold on the sofa and i would pull my cock out to wank and i started to pull my trousers down with her knickers on Then i started to get abit braveri would go over to my mum and shake her see if she woke and when she didnt i felt her little tits through her top and would cum so quick day by day

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Sae sawanoguchi
You are the most gorgeous perfect sexy girl i ve seen on this site not trying to juice you up or anything that s my honest opinion well i guess you are in my eyes
Kneesocks demon
So hot and beautiful hentai