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#146238 - “Suck me off, and that’s an order!!!” The mini pecker was again at full attention, but for the moment it was all but forgotten as Angela slid easily between Midori’s trim thighs until her mouth was a mere inches from the hot wet pussy! “Come on!!!” the little Asian urged. Midori wasn’t in the mood for games, so without warning she reached down and grabbed the surprised woman by the back of her head while pulling it directly to her gaping snatch!!! “Oooomph!!” she gasped as mouth connected with lips. “I just love your place,” the cute twenty something Japanese American called out, “but the rent must cost you a fortune!” A voice from the bedroom down the hall shouted back, “I’m sorry, hon, I didn’t catch that!” Midori gave the park one last look before heading down the long hall to the rear of the apartment where Angela kept her bedroom.

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