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#156794 - At one point later in the day while indulging in a session of 69, I was on all fours, in the doggy position, straddling his body, with him lying flat under me, our cocks in each other’s mouths, when I was overcome by the desire to feel his cock bury itself in my ass. When I began to shampoo my hair I noticed that the boy was intensely interested, and on inquiring, I discovered he had only rarely seen or used soap and had never heard of shampoo. When I grasped his now fully erect and hard cock in my hand, he slipped his hand between us and clasped my own hardening cock through my underwear, pressed the crack of his ass against it and changed the circular motion of his butt to a vertical up and down movement.


Most commented on Ink PINKERTON Buceta

Lyfa | leafa
A truely evil idea i have tie him down on a chair were the seat is covered with rock salt that will burn his ass in a new way keep him seated for an hour then untie him and rinse his ass down with lemon juice
Ayaka kagari
One eager beaver for that bbc