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#311822 - Just before the guys were due to turn up, they went and got dressed, Lyn wore a really sexy little black dress, heels, her tits nearly hanging out, and her ass on show, Kerry not far behind with a red dress that showed every curve and nipple, her shaved pussy just out of sight, unless she stood near, then it showed out beautifully. Kerry was in her element, she had guys hanging off her every part, her face and hair white with cum, and her ass now red and gapping open, as I saw her being fucked by both the black guys and from where I was both in her ass too. When my bladder was empty I knelt next to her, we both got showered, kissing and rubbing their fluid into one another, when the guys ran dry, we showered and returned to the main room, Lyn was still being used by 3 guys her ass with two cocks in it, and her mouth sticky with her last load, I gave her a kiss and she sucked my cock back to size.

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Fucking hot hentai
Naoto kaguyama
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