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#18756 - Bend over bitch and grab that bed! He again ordered. I asked her what it was and assured her that she could tell me any desire of hers and I'd help her experience it. Bitch, you better suck my cock like you like it or I'll fucking kill your ass! Melissa at this point did whatever she was ordered to do and she began to suck his cock! Jim made Melissa suck his cock until he was fully hard again and then told her I'm gonna cum down your fucking throat for you! Melissa just sucked the cock as ordered as she cried and finally Jim said, Bitch, you about to taste some dark chocolate! Jim began to erupt in Melissa's mouth and she gagged as he shot cum in to her mouth! After Jim's cock stopped spurting cum in to her mouth, he pulled out and said, Bitch you sure suck a mean cock! Jim still holding her by the hair, forced her face down on the bed again and stuck his semi hard cock in to her ass again and fucked her as she cried and whimpered.

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This man got the luigi death stare
Shouko kirishima
Nice new concept