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#87226 - In week five Lisa had my balls banded up with two bands, and for the first time she tied my hands behide my back an tied a spreader bar to my ankles telling me she wanted to give me the full treatment today and didn’t want me getting up until my ass was red and my balls where sore and bleeding. Lisa pick it up to show Lukas, it turned him on so much he rammed into my ass again sending us both to the floor, I was flat out with him deep in my ass; when I hit the floor I swear I felt his cock up in my throat. Like most straight men I never thought I would suck a cock and like it so much, but I wanted more I wanted to be his cum-bag, so I locked my lips behind the bulb shaped head of that big black cock and suckled his sweet cream like a baby sucks its first bottle of sugar water.

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So hot
Kaya kidou
Love that ass baby
My kik loversshine
Elbia hanaiman
Yeah exactly
Sae niijima
Amazing body sweetie you are so sexy