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#46262 - Marie bent down to open the lower drawer of the blue print file cabinet and from across the room she could here the definite sound of snickering coming from Ray Udell’s desk!!! She struggled to remove the set of drawings she needed for the renovation project she was working on, but as the tears formed in her eyes, her mind wasn’t on her work, but on how cruel some people could be for no apparent reason at all!!! She knew that Ray wasn’t inherently a bad person, but when ever he had a chance it seemed that he went out of his way to make fun of her size!!! Ever since she was a little girl she had been in a pitched battle with the bulge, and finally after graduating from college she had just thrown in the towel and while not exactly letting herself go, she had allowed her weight to stabilize at its current two hundred seventy pounds!!! She wasn’t so overweight that people on the street would stop an give her a second look, but for sure she was on the upper edges of what a normal person wo

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Marina akizuki
I dont play bedrock anymore since on pc java is better but i do i think i remember the basic spawn conditions im pretty sure youve gotta make your farm below y 63 with a light level of 4 or below so if you make a big room with those conditions bats should spawn