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#164148 - So I drink my beer and go wait for my train, as I walk down the platform to my train, I catch a glimpse of the two ladies sitting on a bench on the next platform. , she starts to lick them i jump with the pleasure, she slowly sucks one into her mouth, then she takes the other one in and sucks alittle harder, after a while she takes my bals out her moth and runs her tongue up the full length of my manhood, as she reachs the tip of my cock she stops and looks at me with a smile, she then takes the tip of my cock with her tongue and she flicks it, she then starts to move her tongue arounf the tip and after a while she takes me into her mouth, sucking slowly at first but getting harder and faster, she takes my balls in her hand and softly squeezes them, she is sucking me faster knowing im getting to the point of no return, my breathing gets heavier and heavier the faster she goes, i start to moan as i feel myself cumming, i try to move away as i cum but she keeps on sucking me, sucking all

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