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#142817 - At this point she said she realised what had happened and felt a bit guilty and made her excuses and went to find Kym, who was waiting for her downstairs, and then they came home. She then got dressed without putting on her underwear and was soon in a cab home to me, when she started relating the story to me she started to undress and when she showed me her tits, you could still see dried cum on them, that made me cum right away, her pussy was all red and swollen and when I went down on her she was still very, very wet. 30pm, well that was one of the longest nights of my life, I couldn’t concentrate and had a permanent hard on thinking of what she’d been up to, I think I had to jerk off about three times.

Read Milfs Koneko Genki!! - Powerful Pussycat!! Butt Sex Koneko Genki!! - Powerful Pussycat!!

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