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#350436 - “Oh Dan, I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for years” My hand moved up her body and I felt her little boobs and her hard nipples, then glided down her flat stomach to between her legs, no hair, she let out a gasp as my fingers dragged across her slit. I figured out what it all ment about a year after you left, I was talking with Jamie Higgins, you remember her, from down the street, she was a year older than me, she was at the funeral with her parents, she has become my best friend in school, well we were talking about boys and things and I told her about what you would do and if she ever heard of it, She did and told me a lot of things, and she told me that you could get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew, I made her promise not to tell anyone, I don’t think she ever did cause that was years ago, and we have talked about it a few times so I’m pretty sure it was our secret. I thought to myself, had I made Faith a dirty girl by molesting her when she was little? Or was she just a

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