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#260912 - I said do I have to? he told me well its part of the game and its the rules so I did as I was told I took off all my clothes and laid naked he started touching my tits real slow told me to close my eyes and then I felt his mouth on my tit real warm, I squirmed trying to move away but he held me down saying hold still, I started to get a little scared but he told me that it was all ok that sometimes girls have to help there dad's out and that is what i was going to do, I felt his hand move over my body and between my legs it was like small electrical shocks as he explored my virgin pussy, I wont lie it felt very good but i knew it was so wrong for him to be touching me this way but I knew better then to argue so i let him continue, he slid one finger inside me moving in and out rubbing over my clit tickling it lightly, he said he was going to stop but he wanted me to sit up and stay naked, when he removed his finger from me I sat up and he took his pants off and laid next to me and

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Diao chan
She look sooo good omggg
Sorata kanda
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