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#247425 - Thankfully I later woke up at around 5 pm feeling completely rested and ready to take over the world, Yes! Tonight is gonna be a great night! At 7 pm I was walking towards my car with a large plate of ‘delicatesses' I fabricated earlier, did I tell you about my car? Well before my grandfather passed away, he used to drive every weekends with me in it, I loved that car! The roaring sound it made, the stunning looks it gave off and just a fabulous cocktail of sensations came about every time you drove it. He stood up in a jolt embarrassed hoping that nobody heard that mighty sound and I flew back to Jasmin’s room hoping he didn’t catch a glimpse of me spying on him through the keyhole.

Read Daring C-kyuu Kanojo no Sodatekata - Azur lane Piercing C-kyuu Kanojo no Sodatekata

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