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#96206 - Greg kissed her neck and rolled onto the bed that day was a short meet as Greg had to take his wife out so he dressed and before leaving he gave Sally £25 to buy something. On the way home Sally remark she had to see Greg again and it seems he wanted to see and fuck her again because we got an e-mail the next morning asking could l bring my wife to the same hotel the following week. My wife was now stripped and kneeling on the floor licking Greg’s cock like a hungry dog enjoying a bone, she slid her hand up and down his shaft while turning her head to the right then the left, he grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting his cock down Sally’s throat as she gave a few chokes Greg remarked to Eddie ‘she is my wife to use’ and gave a hard thrust into her mouth and held her lips pressed against his balls, Greg released his grip and told Sally to get onto the bed open her legs wide and show Eddie how she fucks herself with the rabbit.

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