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#296163 - Reaching up her hand starts to massage his balls as Alice takes the whole length of his cock into her mouth almost gagging as it hits the back of her throat. Slowly they both recover, helping her up he smiles and tells her to dress as he cleans himself up and dresses, still slightly shaking he leads Alice back into the shop area and turning hands her a bag, looking inside she sees the dress and gasps, without a word he opens the door and winks as he ushers her out he whispers ‘If you need more dresses don’t hesitate to come see me’ Returning to the shop 2 weeks later Alice wants to thank the man as the dress was a great hit, entering she sees a woman behind the counter, as she asks the woman where he is, the woman looks at Alice strangely ‘My husband only works here occasionally can I help?’ shocked Alice stammers that she just wanted to thank him for his help with the dress and quickly leaves. Reaching out the he pulls the straps out a little and runs his fingers up to her sho

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Asuka tanaka
My erotic fantasies are connected with you
Haruya nagumo
I didn t realize this was 40 whole minutes