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#153669 - from what I understood that meant she was going home now but it didn't happen that way she sent me an email asking me for my phone number and then texted me she said she was a dirty whore who didn't deserve to be cleaned up I was puzzled by this and I did not understand but she was more than willing to explain to me that she was a submissive and this is how she got off being treated this way I checked the room and adjusted the Temps to factory settings and left out with her the same way we went in. This type of focus and training and attention to detail has paid off and I have moved up very quickly in the company I often come in very early and stay late well into the night before leaving the property and doing it all over again the next day. I recognized her face and quickly realized that it was my front desk manager Tracy she had been coming off the elevator doing the same thing that I was doing which was checking the same email it was a procedure that all of the employees at the re

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