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#405537 - Sharon thought she had got the entire lot of thick cum out but she was obviously wrong, her pussy was beginning to close up now too which made the cum move a little and she blushed but luckily Wendy never asked why, Sharon would never have thought up an excuse is she had. “God I am glad I’m out of there!” Sharon said to Harry as they walked “Oh why? Don’t you like my little girl” Harry laughed “No she’s lovely, but god I was worried like crazy that she’d figure something out, and you… you have done it again to me I’m soaked thanks to you!” Sharon gave him a light tap jokingly “Oh I am sorry Sharon,” he said with a grin “Its an occupational hazard though” Sharon laughed and they joked all the way to the Home. Harry watched her ass wiggle as she went out the door.

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My little sister is 4 is that ok
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