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#53011 - Now you start to lick and suck this new pussy, tasting the difference you bury your face into it, licking harder and harder, hearing her moaning and gasping faster as she tries to raise her hips up to allow you to lick further, slipping your hands under her bottom you push up and find your tongue licking round her hole, without thinking you push it inside running it round and round, pushing your tongue as deep as you can you lick out as much juice as you can. Suddenly the taste changes and you realise she has lost control completely and she holds you against her pussy as she empties her bladder, pissing over your face making you drink it along with her pussy juices, you can’t stop her, realising you don’t want to you swallow piss and cum together, finally letting you go she collapses as you lean back covered in juices from both women and piss for her you lean back against the bench, head resting on the seat. Glancing round you make sure no one is able to see you as you remove

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